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The real man defends his country, the modern man plays war video games.
The real man stands for what he believes in, the modern man doesn't want to offend anyone.
The real man obeys his Creator, the modern man obeys his desires.
The real man works hard for what he has, the modern man wants a handout.
The real man loves a woman and only one woman and no other woman is involved, the modern man desires several woman or several men.
The real man looks for the best interest of others, the modern man only cares for himself.
The real man believes in the word of God and will not give in or back down or hide away in some dark corner! The modern man hides in that corner and has no beliefs.

Listed above are truths that distinguish a real man from the man that this world is trying to push on us. I am sick and tired of the new man. I'm tired of the man who leaves his family behind for another woman. I'm tired of the weasel that has no beliefs or values or standards that he would die for. I'm tired of the new man who takes MY hard earned money and sits on his couch playing video games. I'm tired of the new man who chooses to believe we decended from monkeys instead of a creator who perfectly designed us. I'm tired of the effeminate man who thinks of himself as a woman and who acts as a woman and reverses his role and has union with another man. I'm tired of the man who believes that everyone has their own opinion and none are more right than others.

Let me say something, there is one Lord and there is only one right way to live. God decided what a man would be. God decided his role on this earth. We are the main breadwinners, we are the leaders of the family, we are the defenders and protectors, we are the bold who would never sacrifice our beliefs simply to keep from offending some insignificant twirp who has a messed up thought process. I am tired of hearing people tell me that there can be 'different' kinds of families and all are just as well as the others. No sir, there is one family, one man, one woman, one SINGLE marriage, and the two involved will love each other unconditionally and work hard to push through the problems that every other whimp would simply give up on.

I am not afraid to be the man that God says I am to be. I will not back down because some stupid law says I can't speak out against homosexuality. I will not believe that everyones view and opinion is equal. Our creator designed us and created laws for us and there is only one way to live. The family in our country is falling apart simply because the men and women involved couldn't care about anyone but themselves. When we try and do things our own way, we will fall. Fathers who leave their families for other woman deserve to be punished and they will recieve punishment.

I hope this wasn't offensive. Nah actually I don't care if it was offensive.

How was it? 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting this.

    Many people do not have such a view of the Biblical man anymore. It is good to see that God has indeed kept "seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal".

    In Christ,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Right on, right on!

    We need more men like you who are willing to speak out; we cannot continue to remain silent.


  3. Surely, this is the capstone and masterpiece of the "Life Is Easy" blog.

    It is time to stop the onslaught of men who refuse to be men. Being a real man necessitates the growth from boy into manhood . More and more often this growth is not taking place, leaving us a generation run by little boys.

    No more!

    This post is the battle cry for a new page in our history.

  4. DM says:

    Oh yes, you are talking about the family and that the survival of the family requires real men. You are right. The family is the the most basic unit of society. For the survival and prosperity of the society, the traditional, God-ordained, family with one man and one woman must endure. Thanks boy! - Dad

  5. Anonymous says:

    A real man is sculpted into the image of God. I was too once an irresponsible, feeble little video game wimp. But it's time to man up!

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